Are the thrill rides at Nasu Highland any good?

Asked by Carol Akiyama · 4 years ago

It's not Fujikyu Highland I know, but my kids were wondering whether the thrill rides at Nasu are good for teenagers? Any more information about this park in general will be appreciated.


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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 1 year ago

Built onto the south side of Mt Chausu -- an active Volcano in Nasu -- Fantasy Point Nasu Highland features a pedal-powered monorail, a fake lake which you can fish in, and a set of matching roller coasters. The coloring of the entire park is impeccable, stark white contrasts against blue, green, yellow and purple. It all looks art-directed by a Swiss modernist on psychotropics. There are nine coasters in total, many built by Japanese coaster manufacturer Meisho, the most enjoyable of which is Big Boom, providing a nice moment of weightlessness as it goes vertical. Child-friendly exhibits are plentiful, including a whole pavilion dedicated to Lego.

Entrance fee only in the case of,
- Adult (medium student or more) 1,600 yen
- Children (3 years old - small student ) 800 yen
- Senior (over 60 years old) 1,200 yen

Admission fee + unlimited rideIn the case of a fantasy pass in which it is set,
· Adult 5, 300 yen
· Child 3,700 yen
· Senior 3,900 yen

To say the least, the Nasu Highland will not lag behind other faved theme parks in Japan. Its rides are spectacular and one you should not miss. 

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