Best Place to buy DSLR

Asked by Param Pon · 3 years ago

What would be the cheap and best shop for buying brand new  DSLRs... I checked the tax free shops,  LABI, and YODOBashi Camera shops so far. Is there anything better on buyers reco?


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4 Answers
Answered by Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu · 3 years ago

The stores you mentioned are actually good, and so is Onoden, Edion (and other electronics shop in Akiba), BIC Camera and Yamada Denki, but I think the right question to ask is "when is the best time to buy a good DSLR camera?" Because there is a season that all the models of the previous year would be in great sale. I got my Canon Kiss X50 for only 39,999 yen from its original 60,000 plus yen almost 4 years ago, and I am still using it this time. It's around January or February, during the clearance sale. 

  • Param Pon: Bic Camera! Yes! Just visited the Yurokucho shop yesterday and found the prices are lesser than the others! Thanks! (Reply)

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 3 years ago

Perhaps Bic Camera! 

Answered by Sherilyn Siy · 3 years ago

I saw Costco selling an entire Nikon DSLR set at a great price. Check out Costco and see if what they offer is what you are looking for in terms of specs. 

Answered by Guillaume Dore · 3 years ago

When you know the model. Go to a store, ask for a price (get a quote without tax if you are on a tourist visa), go to the next store, do the same and tell the price from the previous store. Repeat until you are happy and you can even go back to the first to tell him what you got, then get the best price. You will pay more if you stick to the price on the tablet. Work best in place like Akihabara with high density of camara sellers.

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