Ota Area

Asked by Param Pon · 3 years ago

Here I Come! Got a new DSLR, and roaming for experiments, and here a Photo contest for Ota location.


What are the places I shouldnt miss in Ota area? Is that enough of 2-3 hours? Or should I spend a entire day? How good is Ota area  for a forign photo-grapher? 


I am looking for some special places, other than Station,Shirine, Park.... shops, dining... 


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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 2 months ago

Hi. Ota offers a lot of picturesque attractions which will be more worth your time hence you might want taking an entire day or two grabbing photos of these: Senzoku-Ike, Ikegami Honmonji Wind Chime Festival, Kamata Area, Denenchofu, Heiwa no Mori Park, Tamagawadai Park, Awa Odori, Bon Odori, Fireworks Festival, Mizudome no Mai, Haneda Matsuri, Rengetsu Cafe, Ikegami Baien, Kugahara-yu, Hasui Kawase, Tenjinyu, Studio Hougaku Academy, Gojukken-bana, Showa no Kurashi Museum, Nishi-Rokugo Park. 

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