Stamp Rally in Kansai

Asked by Guillaume Dore · 3 years ago

I'm going to the Kansai area next month and as a fan of Stamp Rally.

Do you know any permanant rally or rally for the month of march. If I can, I'll do a photo report on the rally that I will do.

  • Guillaume Dore: The Answer was Doraemon at JR, stamps are at Kyoto, Nara, Tennoj, and more Prise can be claimed at Osaka. Stamp sheet available at all stations. (Reply)
    Guillaume Dore: Rekishi kaido stamp rally, I found the paper at tennoji kintetsu station, stamps are all over kansai, many in nara, kobe, osaka ans kyoto. (Reply)
    Guillaume Dore: Also the Saigoku kannon pilgrimage stamp rally, 駅からはじまる 西国三十三所めぐりスタンプラリー, the stamps are located in the statiosn closest to the temples, but if you take the time to get the stamp, you might as well visit the temples (Reply)
    Guillaume Dore: Last one I found is the stamp rally of the seven slopes of Tenno-ji (Reply)

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