Have you been to Nagashima Spaland in Mie Ken?

Asked by Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu · 3 years ago

Which has the most interesting rides for an adventurist -- the Spaland or the Waterpark?

Unlimited rides for Spaland / Waterpark alone and both are different. So I want to know which has more interesting rides for an adventurous person like me, so I would know which is the best ticket for me. 


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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 5 months ago

Indeed, Spaland and Waterpark are different but they are housed by Nagashima Resort. If you're leaning towards a more lengthy and thrilling experience, I recommend the Spaland. Upon entering the park, you will immediately notice the famous “Steel Dragon 2000” roller coaster, which spans the entire length of the park. Compared to many other roller coasters that tend be over quickly, after you’ve queued for too long, the “Steel Dragon” really does feel lengthy, while remaining exciting throughout. However, if you're leaning for a day trip to beat the summer heat, I do recommend the Waterpark. It features very long tunnels, rafting and regular waterslides, as well as huge pools and an onsen (Japanese hot spring). But if you have the time, you can visit both to ensure maximum satisfaction. 

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