What is your favorite season in Japan and why?

Asked by Artem Medvedev · 5 years ago

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12 Answers
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 5 years ago

All seasons have their strong points in Japan. Autums is great for the colored leaf and all the events surounding it. Winter can offer stunning landscapes, and there is nice events in colder places where they have snow, there is also many new year ritual that are worth it and illumination. Spring is fantastic for Plum Blossom and for Sakura. Summer is hot, but there is so many festival and activities.
I would say that my favorite is spring, as I live in a cold country, there is no plum an cherry trees that bloom like in Japan, especially not in the city.
And the worst is taifu season. 

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 5 years ago

Spring! Forever and always. The amazing blossoms and sense of renewal. You just cannot top that feeling when you're in a Japanese spring season :)

Answered by Sandra Isaka · 5 years ago

For a tourist, fall is definitely the best season.  The temperatures are mild, the autumn colors are gorgeous, and there is so much to see and do.  Spring is similar, but there is a lot of rain during the transition from winter.  Winter is only the best choice if you enjoy skiing and other snow-based sports (or if you want snow-covered photos).  Summer is definitely Japan's worst season - unless you are traveling around Hokkaido or if you are a serious 'beach' person.

Answered by Katie Jackson · 5 years ago

I love spring!  The weather starts to get warm and the flowers start to bloom, adding color to the landscape.

Answered by Mandy Bartok · 5 years ago

I've learned to appreciate all of the seasons here (though summer takes a LOT of effort ...) but autumn will always be my favorite. The vibrant display of the maples and ginkgo trees, the cooler temperatures, the reaping of the rice, the transitioning of the menus to heartier, warming dishes ... it never gets old.

Answered by Param Pon · 5 years ago

WINTER for obivious reasons!


Answered by Preethu P · 5 years ago

I like spring. Flowers are my favourite. And the cool climate!:-) 

Answered by Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu · 5 years ago

I actually like the uniqueness of what each season brings, to put it simply, I love all the seasons in Japan. In winter, it is cold and some parts of the mainland Japan gets enough snow for a perfect all-white scenery, yet not as terrible as the snow in Canada and other 4-season countries. In summer, everything looks vibrant and green and the weather is hot, but not as hot as the summer in China (it was terrible due to too much pollution). Spring also gives a great picture of the cherry blossoms. Other countries have spring too, but they do not have as much sakura trees as Japan, and autumn, the picture perfect reddish, orangey and purpish views of the mountains makes the surroundings beautiful. So, it's hard to pick only one season because each season has its own beauty when you capture it in pictures, particularly the seasons in this beautiful country.

Answered by Kylie Plester · 5 years ago

Winter for the skiing, but you can only really love all the snow if you want to play in it all day. Autumn is gorgeous for the colours though and Summer and Spring also have there highlights. Their is something to love everytime of the year.

Answered by Amanda Ho · 5 years ago

Autumn! the colours are amazing. Weather not too hot, not that cold as well.

Answered by Noriko Tanahashi · 5 years ago

It's summer!  I live on the northern island of the country, which is Hokkaido, and things are really nice and pleasant here in the season.  Not too hot.  

Answered by YX Koh · 5 years ago

I love spring as the weather gets warmer and the plum and sakura flowers start to bloom. The weather is not too warm and it's great for outdoor activities!

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