Tanabata in Kobe or Himeji

Asked by Gemma Pine · 3 years ago

Hello! I will probably be in either Kobe or Himeji on July 7th, I’ve just seen that this coincides with Tanabata! Any recommendations on where or how I can best appreciate this?


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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 3 months ago

To celebrate Tanabata (the traditional Japanese star festival), a bamboo grass tunnel and an artificial Milky Way will be created at Shitennoji Temple. The tunnel will be made with more than 300 bamboo branches and the Milky Way made with brilliant LEDs. If you walk through the bamboo grass tunnel decorated with tanzaku (colorful strips of paper on which people write their wishes), your wish might be heard by the stars. On July 7, the venue will be lined with street stalls. There will also be various events, including a concert, an astronomical viewing session, and lectures relating to stars. (Some events will be charged.) On July 8, a fire ritual will be held at the temple to burn the tanzaku.

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