Any food recommendations in Tottori?

Asked by Amanda Ho · 5 years ago

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2 Answers
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 5 years ago

I asked to people around me and they said "nashi", that I first understood as "nothing", but actually, they ment pear.
According to tottori webpage, tottori gyukotsu ramen, tofu chikuwa, horumon soba, tottori cury, ago (a shih) katsu cury, hamburger (somehow they seem to have a kind of hamburger festival), and seafood (shrimp, fish and crab). the orange links are for things to eat, and the yellow for food to buy. It's in japanese, but there is pictures.

  • Amanda Ho: thanks! shall check it out (Reply)

Answered by Param Pon · 5 years ago

Foir follow up!

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