Bus from Chiba to Ibaraki?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 3 years ago

Since I've been in Japan, I've found it difficult to find good information about bus times in English. Anyone have any suggests for this??

Also, I want to take a trip from Choshi, Chiba to Mito, Ibaraki to see Hitachi Seaside park. Google has me going all the way to Tokyo by train and then to Mito from there. 

Does anyone know of alternative transportation for this route??


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1 Answer
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 3 years ago

Well, according to google and hyperdia, you can do it without going to Tokyo. From CHOSHI JR Narita Line  for NARITA to KATORI JR Kashima Line to KASHIMAJINGU Kashima Rinkai Railway to MITO
Finding bus info in english is hard, the only long distance bus I ever took was willer from Hiroshima to Tokyo. Those big bus usually run between major cities. Of course there is also local buses. I never found any centralisez info for any of those.

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