Fuji Rock

Asked by YX Koh · 5 years ago

Has anyone attended the Fuji Rock Festival? What was your experience like?


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1 Answer
Answered by Rufus Starbuck · 5 years ago

Good festival. Lots of different stages which can be pretty far apart so a fair amount of walking. Learn a lot from some super-well prepared festival goers who seem to have something in their pack for every occasion. Supposed to be a great line-up this year for the 20th Anniversary.

  • YX Koh: Thanks for your input! Just curious what kind of items did the super well prepared festival goers bring along? I will be heading to this year's fuji rock and that will be helpful in letting me know how to prepare for it. (Reply)
    • Rufus Starbuck: Chairs/camping stools to sit down and enjoy the shows after trekking around the various stages. Sunhat and sunscreen for when the suns out. Rain wear as it is often wet and umbrellas are not allowed. Bug spray. Gumboots seem to be the footwear of choice for the more experienced.

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