Japan Weather in July

Asked by YX Koh · 4 years ago

Is July a good month to travel to Japan? How's the weather like? I remember there was a heatwave last year.


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5 Answers
Answered by Artem Medvedev · 4 years ago

It's really hot!

Answered by Guillaume Dore · 4 years ago

July and august are hot. Sometime really hot. I was in Japan in the summer of 2008, 2011 and 2012, and there was some pretty hot periods. I do remember seing temp of 40C around Tokyo on TV in 2012. After, it also depend where in Japan.
I can tell that you should always have something to drink with you.

But the nice thing about summer is that there is so many festival, if you do not want  to go to any festival, avoir summer.

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 4 years ago

It really depends on where you go. North of Tokyo is quit nice. Gunma prefecture and up. 

Chiba and Tokyo are crazy hot! Japan actaully has really nice beaches though, so I wouldn't shy away from it. Just be ready to whip out the sunscreen and even umbrella for shade. 

Answered by Amanda Ho · 4 years ago

summer is the only time to climb Mount Fuji!

Answered by Preethu P · 4 years ago

High 28° to low 20°

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