Any recommendations on an onsen in or around Tokyo that will allow visitors with small tattoos?

Asked by Jessica A Paje · 5 years ago

Preferably a public location (not having to book the experience through a hotel with private onsen).


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2 Answers
Answered by Andrew Shuttleworth · 5 years ago

There is a good list of onsen and sento in and around Tokyo here:

To be honest although many onsen have that rule I've never seen it enforced. Usually you see at least one person with tattoos on a trip to a day onsen. I went to Shimizuyu the other day and would recommend it as a nice onsen and one of the rare ones with fresh, non-chlorine, non-recycled spring water (in the yellow colored bath). Just checked their site (Japanese only) and no mention of tatoos, but may be worth using their contact form or sending a short message via their Facebook page to check. 

Answered by Sherilyn Siy · 5 years ago

I would recommend getting a skin colored patch (kind of like a band-aid or plaster) to cover your small tattoo, then you can use ANY onsen. Enjoy!

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