Hiroshima best sites ?

Asked by Preethu P · 4 years ago

What all sites and activities could be covered during a two days trip in Hiroshima? Please advise.


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Answered by Guillaume Dore · 4 years ago

What I would recommand. 
One day for Hiroshima city : Peace museum, Hiroshima castle.
One day for Miyajima (it's a must).

Answered by YX Koh · 4 years ago

You should definitely check out the Hiroshima Peace Park where the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum are located. I think you could spend an entire morning here. After that, you can proceed to downtown Hiroshima to try the Hiroshima Okonomiyaki - it's one of the specialities of Hiroshima, so definitely a must try! If you have time, you could check out the Hiroshima castle which is very close to the town centre.

On your 2nd day, you could take a day trip to Miyajima which is famous for its giant torii gate. You could spend an entire day here just exploring the shrines or take a walking trail up to Mt Misen on Miyajima. It's just a short ferry ride away from Hiroshima.

Answered by Relinda Puspita · 4 years ago

Don't forget Hiroshima Castle, and try its okonomiyaki.

Answered by Amanda Ho · 4 years ago

Rabbit island, if you like rabbits, takes 1.5hours from Hiroshima.

Kintai bridge, if you like ice cream, there is a 100 flavor ice cream shop there. The bridge has unique architecture as well. Less than an hour's journey.

Answered by Kylie Plester · 4 years ago

I agree with the other posts. When I visited Hiroshima I had one relaxed day looking at the Peace Memorial Park area and it's better to slow down and take it all in here then rush through it. 

The second day I spent at Miyajima, fending off the deer, hiking up the mountain and wandering through the shrine and it was a great day.

You could also go to Rabbit Island if you like Rabbits.

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