Recommended tours for islands in Kyushu?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 6 years ago

Recommended tours for islands in Kyushu?

  • Jihad Mahmoud: I advice you to visit Hashima Island or else known as battleship island in Nagasaki. (Reply)

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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 2 years ago

Hi. Kyushu offers a number of attractions thus indicating also quite a number of tours you can partake in. If you are an onsen lover, you may opt to a self-guided tour to Kurokawa & Yufuin which is the most popular two onsen towns. You may also engage in a tour to Yakushima Island from Kagoshima Island which is the first UNESCO World Natural Heritage in Japan. You may also try a tour to Iki Island from Hakata. If you're more keen to see the natural beauties of Kyushu, you may try a 5-day tour including Fukuoka, Takachiho, Kumamoto, & Amakusa by Bus or a 5-day trip to view the Western Kyushu gems around Arita, Sasebo, and Nagasaki from Fukuoka by Train. 

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