Accommodation & Food at Setouchi Triennale

Asked by YX Koh · 6 years ago

Hi all! I will be visiting the summer season of the Setouchi Triennale! I am currently planning my trip now and would welcome any recommendations on accommodation and nice restaurants! Thank you :) 

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2 Answers
Answered by Bonson Lam · 6 years ago

The best place to stay is Benesse House. If you book early you could book a room for less than 30,000 yen per night.  The Terrace restaurant is a treat for dinner, esp if you can can book for an earlier sitting (say 6pm) to watch the afternoon sunlight over the water. Set meals are around 8000 yen and are very well made.

  • David Billa: Benesse House is a very bad place to stay when visiting the Triennale. How do you go to Shodoshima, Ogijima, Megijima from there? (Reply)

Answered by David Billa · 6 years ago

I advise you to stay in Takamatsu, it's the "hub" to get to all the islands. There are plenty of hotels, minshukus and guesthouses at every price.

Food is everywhere.
On Ogijima, have lunch at Bistro Iori or Madoka, snacks at Café Tachi or Onba Café.

On Teshima, depending where you are on the island, Shima Kitchen is the best place to eat. Snacks can be had in many places, Ichigo-ya is very popular because it's delicious and... strawberries.

In Takamatsu, there are plenty everywhere, it'd be too long to list (my favorite places are a bit far from the port).

On Shodoshima, it really depends where you are on the island, but truth is, I don't know of many restaurants there. I usually bring my lunch when I visit Shodoshima, because I simply don't know where I'll be come lunchtime (and if I'm the middle of the countryside, well, there just might not be any restaurant).

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