Which island is better to stay on the cycling road of Shimanami Kaido?

Asked by Isabelle Despert Okumura · 3 years ago

Did anyone cycle through the Shimanami Kaido and could tell me which are the best islands to stay for th night among the 6 islands?

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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 1 year ago

Hi. Shimanami Kaido is often described as “the most ideal road for cyclists” as the route was specially arranged for cyclists, and it attracts eager cyclists from all around the world. The route has numbers of attractive spots and beautiful view points including the world’s longest suspension bridge, Kurushima Bridge (4 km) on the Seto Inland Sea.

There are a number of accommodations throughout the route. You can find them in this link: https://www.gambo-ad.com/english/area.php?ar=12

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