Has anyone been to Dogo Onsen?

Asked by Isabelle Despert Okumura · 3 years ago

Has anyone been to Dogo Onsen?

I read that is is aefully crowded. Does it worth a visit? Can we relax or is it too crowded?




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2 Answers
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 3 years ago

I went in the month of fuly some years ago, and it was not that crowded. There is different tickets you can take. I took the one with the small visit of the onsen. Before going to the bath you can just chill in one of the room, where tea is served. As there is many bath, I even rember one where there was nobody.
Might depend on the day and on the season, but there is sure time when it's not crowded at all.

  • Isabelle Despert Okumura: Thanks for your reply. I plan to go at the end of August. I guess it's high season? (Reply)
    • Guillaume Dore: I went on a Sunday morning in end of july 2012, but my guess would be that hot bath is more popular in cold month than in august.

Answered by Anne Lauenroth · 3 years ago

We went one evening in July last year. It was quite crowded. I wouldn't call the experience "relaxing" (I guess there are less famous, more relaxing onsen available in Japan), but it certainly was fascinating to see all the hustle and bustle behind the scenes. We had the full tickets, with our own private room for tea and snacks, plus a little tour through what are the emperor's bathing facilities, I believe. I would recommend a visit for the atmosphere, but not to relax.

  • Isabelle Despert Okumura: Thank you very much Anne, for this useful information. So, I'll go in this state of mind ! (Reply)

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