Snow Festival in Hokkaido - Tips?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 2 years ago

I'll be going to the Yuki Matsuri in Feb. I have a few questions:

- What is the best way to get to the site from the airport?

- What are some good places to eat in the area?

- What is the best omiyage from this area?


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2 Answers
Answered by Noriko Tanahashi · 2 years ago

It's wise of you that you're making plans to visit my city a few months before the trip!  

Please get on the fast train at the airport station and come to the city that way.  Then, you can walk straight from Sapporo Station to the site on the main street.  

My most favorite restaurant in the area is Chirorin Mura (Village) close to Sapporo International Plaza.  They specialize in a variety of spaghetti at the Italian restaurant.  So tasty!  

I suggest you get Haskapp Jewelry at Morimoto and Kaitaku Okaki at Kitakaro for omiyages.  There are a few flavors of the okaki, and the most popular one is Matsumae Ika.  The shops are on the first floor below the ground of ESTA, which is a big building next to Sapporo Station.  

I hope this helps.  

Answered by Guillaume Dore · 2 years ago

- From the New Shitose Airport, take the JR Chitose Line to Sapporo station, or Limousine bus, then from there, you can take the subway (only 1 station on the namboku line) or walk to the park. around 1 km.
- I have not been in winter, but I know that there is restaurant in the underground area under the tower. It is not right next to the festival location, but there is a famour street with only ramen restaurant, called "ramen alley", I do not remember the exact location, but it's easy to access from the subway, and ramen is a must in Sapporo.
- For omiyage, I do not remember.

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