What Japanese music do you recommend?

Asked by Artem Medvedev · 5 years ago

Do you like japanese music (not only traditional gagaku)? What bands or singers do you like?


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4 Answers
Answered by Olga Kaneda · 5 years ago

I like Jpop - Arashi, SMAP, Utada Hikaru.

Answered by Guillaume Dore · 5 years ago


Té (sometime spelled Te')

or sometimes I just start browsing songs on youtube, found some nice bands like Frederic フレデリック
My girlfriend is a fan of NEWS, an idol group from Johnny's Entertainment, just like Arashi and SMAP.

  • Artem Medvedev: I like フレデリック too =) (Reply)

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 5 years ago

If you're looking for Jpop - try: Backnumber, J Soul Brothers, Exile Generations, AKB48. I also like the genre of "vocaloid."

Answered by Jihad Mahmoud · 4 years ago

I like Miyavi. 

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