Where is your favorite hidden gem in Chiba Prefecture?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 3 years ago

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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 7 months ago

Hi. Like any other prefecture in Japan, Chiba is packing with hidden gems and some are noteworthy to hop into. First, you may enjoy an activity-filled outing at Funabashi Andersen Park which ranks 3rd among Japanese theme parks. Of course, don't  miss out onto one of Japan's largest obstacle course, which can be found in Wanpaku Kingdom Park. Second, if you're looking for a more soothing and relaxing day, head to Sakura Furusato SquareThere are various flower festivals at this park and those are the best times to visit. The Sakura Tulip Festa is held in April every year, the Windmill Sunflower Garden is in July and the Sakura Cosmos Festa takes place in October. If seeing an abundant number of sunflowers, cosmos and tulips aren’t enough, there is also a Dutch-style building called “Sanka flower (Suka kana)” with a Dutch windmill as well! You may also visit one of the best winter illuminations in the Kanto area----- the Tokyo German Village. The Country Farm Tokyo German Village is a theme park, which is 27 times larger than Tokyo Dome! There are 5 different areas: a pond; field area and restaurant; kid’s playground; an amusement facility area; and a farming area. And let’s not forget to include the endless number of flower gardens which include daffodils, roses and moss phlox.In winter, this area showcases one of the three largest illumination events in the Kanto area! About 2 million LED lights will decorate the winter sky along with music and animation and of course food stalls! Every year, there is a different theme for the light up. This event takes place from the middle of November to the end of March so definitely go check it out! Next, you may try surfing on Japan's second longest beach, the Kujukuri Beach. The beach is so long that you won’t be able to cover all of it one go! There is an endless horizon to the east and pine forest-topped cliffs to the west. At the northern edge, there is Cape Inubo, which offers stunning panoramic views of the ocean and a historic old lighthouse. Then, hike through Mount Nokogiriyama which is named after a traditional Japanese saw, thanks to its interesting rock formations jutting out from it. You can take an easy hike to the top, or alternatively, there’s also a cable car line going up the mountain which you could opt for too! Either way, you’ll be awarded with some of the most amazing views of Chiba from the top. Don’t miss the iconic Hell View observation point, set on a piece of rock jutting out, giving a view straight down from the mountain. There’s also an ancient temple and giant Buddha statue carved in the mountain that you can explore in the area.Also, check out the ruins of the Sakura Castle. The park and the castle are most known for being one of the best places in Chiba to view cherry blossoms when they are in season – it’s a popular place for a picnic too! Also, try crossing the Boso Crossing LineThis is a local railway that cuts across Chiba Prefecture. In the spring, rape blossoms and cherry blossoms are in bloom, and a pastoral landscape spreads out before your eyes. Along the tracks of the Kominato Railway, there’s a valley called “Yoro Keikoku,” and in the fall, the autumn leaves color it beautifully. At Kazusa-Nakano Station, the Kominato Railway connects to the Isumi Railway, and because the view of the valley from this train’s windows is reminiscent of Moomin Valley, the Isumi Railway is also called the “Moomin Train.”

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