What kind of winter clothes for Mt. Zao trip?

Asked by Victoria Vlisides · 2 years ago

What clothes will be best? Do you need full-on winter boots if you are not doing winter sports etc?


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2 Answers
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 2 years ago

From what I see, that region is not that cold. However, the parts of your body that will suffer the more from cold are feet, hand, hear and nose, so it's better to properly cover these spot.
You just don't want to have cold feets, that break all the fun, so just get warm boots. I do not know what you mean by "full-on winter boots", but you are not going to the arctic after all.
Small tip, bring extra sock, change if your sock get wet. Wet sock and cold is the best thing to have frozen feets.

Answered by Roger Smith · 2 years ago

I went to Zao two times. One time I snowshoed, so you need real boots for that. The other time I took the snowmobiles up to see the snow monsters and just had hiking boots as we didn't walk through deep snow. It was really cold and windy on top of the mountain so I recommend a thick coat, hat, and good gloves. If it's a warm and sunny day it will feel pleasant but I wasn't so lucky.

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