Where can we find discount coupons or deals for restaurants and shops?

Asked by Sherilyn Siy · 4 years ago

In the US, discount coupons and deals are very popular. One can print them from the internet, or cut them up from magazines or newspaper. Is there anything similar in Japan, a website perhaps where one can find search and print out coupons?


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Answered by Justin Velgus · 4 years ago

I would have to recommend a trip to the local tourism center. Some coupons are sure to be on display. Otherwise, directly ask where the best deals and discounts are. The people behind the counter know much more than pamphlets or websites can tell you--most of the time. 

Answered by Geoff Day · 4 years ago

Other than living in Japan and getting direct mail you often find discount flyers posted in front of the stores themselves. In stores like Uniqlo, Nittori, and Yamada Denki, for example, you can pick up the flyer at the entrance and browse the discounts as you shop. 

Also, happy to announce JapanTravel will be adding coupons for restaurants, hotels, etc. on select articles and will look to gather these coupons in a single location for easy reference. Stay tuned!

Answered by Martyn Bissett · 4 years ago

For supermarkets too, they usually have one of their fold out leaflets pinned on the wall where you can see discounted food items.

Answered by Olga Kaneda · 4 years ago

There was one website that I was referred to by Softbank, but they said that only the first month of subscription is free... So basically you need to pay for getting discount coupons, that is why I unsubscibed.

Answered by Andrew Shuttleworth · 4 years ago

While there are there tons of different magazines and sites in Japanese, Hotpepper (Japanese only) and Gurunavi (English version with far less listings than Japanese) are the two big elephants in this space. If you Google the restaurant name and クーポン (coupon) you may have some luck, but to be honest most of the best restaurants don't offer coupons and it's often a case of 'get what you pay for'. 

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 4 years ago

I heard from a friend who just moved to Japan, that this is a good app: "Dig Japan." Good luck!

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