Theme Park & Nikko City Area Pass - Kinugawa

Asked by Ahmed Ahmed · 2 years ago

Hey there

I am plan to travel to japan this September (Its my second time), and I have a plan to visit both Edo Wonderland and Tobu, I plan to stay on Tochigi for 2 Nights
preview of this day plan:

What I know is the Theme Park & Nikko City Area Pass is valid for two days which is one night, while plan is 2 nights, and for the third night i will be Tokyo.
So any suggestion or advice on what I take etc?

I already have a hotel for 2 nights, all i need is the train from tokyo to Kinugawa, tickets for edo and tobu (first day tobu second edo) a transportation from edo/tobu to my hotel which is 30 mins away from edo, and train back to tokyo on the third day


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1 Answer
Answered by Susan Tumanon · 2 years ago

I suggest taking the Theme Park & Nikko City Area Pass . You actually save more if you take the 8,010yen ticket (entrance fees for both theme parks are already included). I went to Edo Wonderland this spring. Be sure to go there before opening time. They have a welcome greeting where some of the actors line up and bow to customers while the drum was playing. I thought was pretty cool!!! Have fun and enjoy your stay!

  • Ahmed Ahmed: Thanks very much for your suggestion, It will be my second time to visit Edo wonderland, I believe in my first time I was not there before the opening time, but this time hopefully i will be (Reply)

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