JR pass, is it really worth it?

Asked by Dina Haugland · 4 years ago

Hey! I’m going to japan on a 2 week trip next year, and I’m wondering if the JR pass really is worth it? I’ve done some maths, and it looks like my route will ‘’only’’ cost about 47.000 yen. The 2 week JR pass is 52.000 yen... My route is Tokyo - Chichibu - Takayama - Kyoto - Nara - Osaka - Tokyo. I’ll be staying in tokyo for around 4 days and will be going around there too, visiting Disney and the Pokemon center and stuff, so if the JR pass works around tokyo too then it might be worth it?


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2 Answers
Answered by Bonson Lam · 4 years ago

Another option is to stay as long as possible in Tokyo, and then activate once you leave Tokyo.  You can get a one week pass, and then get a flight or bus back. https://en.japantravel.com/osaka/osaka-to-narita-by-train-or-plane/25718

Answered by Jeffrey Haaga · 4 years ago

Since you are only staying for 2 weeks it will be worth the money.  Just make sure that you are staying within the areas that the JR pass can be used.  We bought the pass when my family came to visit me and it saved us a lot of money.  I believe they were able to use it for Tokyo to Kyoto and back.  

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