Access page on company website = open to visitors?

Asked by Marah Bodine · 1 year ago

I've been looking at places I'd like to visit, and I see that a lot of business/stores/etc. have an "Access" page on their website where it tells you exactly how to get to them (like "take this train, then transfer here, then a 5-minute walk..."). One of the places I want to see is Tamsoft, a small game company that's been around for a bit now. But it seems like it's just an office...I don't want to be intruding at all, but they have an access page on their website, so I'm wondering if that means that they're open to visitors? Is that normally what that means when places have access pages?


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1 Answer
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 1 year ago

I think that the main reason do to that is not to indicate that it is open to public, but to give clear indication of where they are for people who have to visit them, for example you have a business meating or an interview with them and want to go to the right place.
As Japanese addresses can be confusing, it can be easier to find the place with clear indications like that. However, if they are open to public, they will most likely also display opening hours. 
And yes based on Google Street, Tamsoft address look like an office building and not a "tourist spot".