Light up event at Yamadera

Asked by Amanda Ho · 3 years ago

I hope to visit Yamadera and stay past midnight. Anyone knows is there public transport from the temple after the midnight event? I searched all websites but no information could be found.

Or do people stay there to wait for sunrise?




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1 Answer
Answered by Tyson Tew · 3 years ago

Yamadera Station’s building had a lot of charm and character. This is the point where, if you have a lot of luggage with you, I recommend you deposit it into a coin locker.After leaving the station, follow the illustrations of Buddhist monks showing the path to Yamadera, and cross Houshu Bridge over the Tachiya River.After crossing the bridge, if you turn right you will find a street lined with shops selling things like souvenirs. I found a sign advertising cherry soft serve there. It’s cold, but we are talking about soft serve flavored with Yamagata’s specialty cherries, so it’s sure to encourage me on my climb up the mountain!

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