Asked by Yoke Widaya · 1 year ago

Hai My family and i will go to Japan in October. We want to experience spend 1 night at Komikachi campsite. Is it possible to camp in a tent about mid Oct? Will it too cold to sleep in a tent and sleeping bag only? Or should we better rent a cabin? Thank you


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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 1 month ago

Hi. In Kamikochi, there is a campsite near Kappa Bridge and Tokusawa. There is also meaning of nature conservation, camping outside 2 camp sites is forbidden. If you do not have camping equipment, Or if camping is unfamiliar, There is also a fixed tent and cabin.

15 mins from Kamikochi Bus Terminal, along Azusagawa River, Konashidaira Camping Retreat locates in birds-singing woods. They offer Fixed Tent which costs JPY 6,000 per night / tent (maz. 4 persons) and Cabin which costs JPY4,000/night/person. 

For more information, you may check this website: