Your favorite off the beaten path Kyushu spots?

Asked by Kim B · 9 months ago

I’ll be traveling to Kyushu in October and will be renting a car while there, so I’ve got some freedom and flexibility with where I go and what I see.

Does anyone have recommendations for fun spots to visit that are a little off the beaten path? Perhaps a great cafe or restaurant, an interesting museum, some beautiful nature spots...I’m open to just about anything but I love trying to hit up the roads less traveled!

Thanks in advance!


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1 Answer
Answered by Ines Matos · 8 months ago

Hi Kim B. Kyushu is great, you will have a blast. I strongly advise going to Nagasaki Prefecture. Nagasaki itself it's worth the visit but you can also easily drive to Mount Unzen in Shimabara and after that take the ferry (the car can also go in the boat) and visit Amakusa (new UNESCO spot in Japan for it's "kakure kirishitan" related sites, but overal lovely). Have fun!

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