Will prices increase before the 2020 Olympics?

Asked by wayne funk · 9 months ago

I will travel to japan to hokkaido, tokyo and okinawa in the months of may and early june. How much in advance should i book travel and accomodations from canada. Do you think prices for travel and accomodation will increase at this time before the olympics? Thank you.


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Answered by Renford Esau Sinangote · 9 months ago

Hi Wayne, 

Thank you for your question. May I ask which year you are traveling to Japan? Normally flights and hotel bookings are available at least one year prior to your intended travel dates. Considering all the economic factors involved (inflation, supply & demand, etc.) and all the opportunities that the 2020 Olympics will bring to Japan, there will be an increase in costs - especially in the tourism sector.

So I would suggest booking your trip as soon as flights and hotels are available on your intended travel dates (again, at least one year before). We would be glad to help you with that!

  • wayne funk: Hi Renford we will travel to japan for 5 or 6 weeks in 2020. What type of things would you help me with and what is the cost of this service. thank you (Reply)
    • Renford Esau Sinangote: Hi Wayne. When flights and hotels are accepting bookings already for 2020, we can help securing them for you. On top of that, we can also help you plan your trip so that you can make the most of your 5-6 weeks in Japan. We have experts in our Travel Agency team who can definitely create a trip that is tailor-fitted to your needs and interests.

Answered by Sébastien Duval · 4 months ago

As more tourists visit Japan than ever, hotel rooms, tours, guides, etc. get booked earlier. The more a tourist waits, the higher the chances he/she will have to pay for more expensive higher-end products/services... or may be unable to get what he/she wants.

Besides, the Japanese government plans to increase the consumption tax from 8 to 10% in October 2019; just after the Olympic & Paralympic Games (July, August & September).

Enjoy your holidays in Japan!

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