Which places associated with Haruki Murakami are worth to visit?

Asked by Elena Zolotova · 4 months ago

Exhibitions, bookstores and more. 


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3 Answers
Answered by Renford Esau Sinangote · 3 months ago

Hi Elena, Waseda University in Tokyo would be a good place to start.

  • Elena Zolotova: Thanks! I'll put it on the list (Reply)

Answered by Sébastien Duval · 3 weeks ago

Hi Elena,

You should start with Kyoto city, where Haruki Murakami was born. Waseda University in Tokyo is a good second destination as he studied there and as the university hosts his collection.

For Murakami-related ambiance, stroll in Otsuka district (Tokyo).

Surprisingly, you may also consider watching a baseball match with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows; see the reason at:

Enjoy Japan!

Answered by gordon blue · 5 days ago

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