How much time to allow between the two airports?

Asked by Sharon Freitas · 1 year ago

I arrive at Narita airport from Honolulu at 7pm with my luggage and am supposed to transfer to Haneda International for a 1:30am flight.  

I will take an airport limo bus to get from Tokyo to Narita. I want to book my limo bus ride but need to estimate how much time should I allow for the customs/luggage pick up at Tokyo so I don't miss the bus. There is a limo bus leaving Narita  at 21:25 Narita Terminal 2 and arrive at Haneda International. Will that be sufficient time for me?


Also, what is the best limo bus to take for this travel.   THANK YOU



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1 Answer
Answered by Renford Sinangote · 1 year ago

Hi Sharon,

The Airport Transport Service Company Limited, known as 'Friendly Airport Limousine' is the best (and comfortable) option to transfer from Narita to Haneda Airport.  Since it only takes about an hour to transfer between airports, yes the 9:25PM trip is your best option, which will give you enough time both after arrival in Narita and also before departure in Haneda. 

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