Did you enjoy Nikko?

Asked by Students Chugushi JHS · 8 months ago

We live in Nikko and  are students of Chugushi J.H.S. close to Lake Chuzenzi in Nikko.

We'd like you to answer our questions.

  • where did you stay in Nikko?  How much was it?
  • Did you join any festivals held in Nikko? Which festival were they?
  • Did anyone help you when you were in trouble in Nikko? 
  • What souvenirs did you buy in Nikko?
  • Where was your favorite place in Nikko?
  • What type of transportation did you use in Nikko?
  • What was the best food you ate in Nikko?
  • Were there any inconvenient things in Nikko?
  • Were there any things that surprised you in Nikko?




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3 Answers
Answered by Sébastien Duval · 5 months ago

Nikko is a great destination (Nikko Tosho-gu & Kegon waterfalls are exceptional) but I recommend to spend at least one night nearby; otherwise, it is too much time in the train/bus (from Tokyo) for too little time doing sightseeing...

As souvenirs, I bought several Omamori lucky charms as well as a set of two pairs of holy chopsticks (extending life for a couple)!

I spent a night beside Lake Chuzenji, appreciated the nearby hot springs (evening), enjoyed the lake (morning), and loved the statues of Chuzenji temple (morning)! The night and meal were relatively cheap (I forgot the exact amount).

I have never seen a festival in Nikko but would certainly enjoy the annual 1,000 Samurai Procession!

Japan Travel community members shared their memories of Nikko on a dedicated page covering places to stay, local food, events... Please have a look:

I never had any problem in Nikko :)

Answered by Judy Lai · 5 months ago

I stayed in an onsen ryokan named 八丁の湯. It was quite pricey... around 16000, onsen fee excluded. But I heard saturday-sunday price is generally higher than other days of the week.

Unfortunately I didn't go to any festivals in Nikko.

Yes, the local people there were very friendly to us.

I think i bought some onsen powder from a onsen ryokan as a souvenir

My favorite place in Nikko is the the Nikko station. The reason is that I love the shops, cafe and the mountainous view around that area. 

I mainly just walk or by car when I was in Nikko

Food-wise, nothing particular came up my mind.

It is hard to get around in Nikko after one got off from the main station like Nikko or Tobu-Nikko station.

I'm quite surprised that the kinds of shops around Chuzenji-lake are not so diverse and interesting since it is one of the most popular tourist spot in Nikko. Also, the traffic to renowned shrines like Toshogu are very congested.


Answered by Guillaume Dore · 4 months ago

I stayed one night at Nikko Lakeside hotel, next to Chuzenji lake. It was arount 12000,
I wend to Nikko for the Kamakura Matsuri in February, there was also fireworks.
I almost forgot my camera in a restaurant, but the waitress kindly told me before I left.
I rember buying castela for my coworkers.
I remember that I was really impressed by the buddha inside the Sanbutsudō of Rinno-ji, the onsen was also really good and relaxing.
I used the train to go to Nikko, then the bus in Nikko.
I was really happy to try a local speciality, it was soba with yuba.
The only inconvenience is that february is cold when you have to remove your shoes to visit the shrine.
I was surprised by the size of the mountain and by the Irohazaka road.

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