What are the best coffee shops in Tokyo?

Asked by Tom Roseveare · 3 years ago

This could be anything from third-wave coffee shops to traditional kissaten-style places, or the latest Starbucks location!


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1 Answer
Answered by michael groen · 3 years ago

There's a new Starbucks roastery that opened in NakaMeguro this week. It's apparently the biggest Starbucks in the world and has up to 4 floors!

Streamer Coffee company is also an excellent choice and has various locations such as Shibuya and Harajuku. The Harajuku one is quite small and has a tiny couch to relax on. 

Other popular coffee shops amongst my favorites are:

  • Fuglen Tokyo (Great Black Coffee)
  • Chatei Hatou (Really good Cappuchino) 
  • FRANKIE Melbourne Espresso (Australian vibes)


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