Question about language school.

Asked by Jakub Golob · 2 years ago

What's the difference between 3 months school and 2 years school... Which one should I choose, or maybe 1 year school is enough. What I got in mind ? Trying to figured out how to live in Japan. c; 

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2 Answers
Answered by Susan Tumanon · 2 years ago

Hi Jakub. I studied at a language school in Kyoto for 6 months. For me the course time wasn't enough to fully understand and speak the language. I recommend a year or two to learn Japanese. Plus school trips are fun so I am sure you will enjoy it. Good luck!!!

Answered by Elizabeth Scally · 2 years ago

Studying in a language school short term is an intense way to get to know Japan. Some students commit to 18 month programs that lead to further education at universities and technical schools after they achieve JLPT (Japanese proficiency test) scores. 

You can learn all about studying at a language school in Japan on this government website -

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