Can you upload pornographic content while in Japan

Asked by Gia Bettes · 1 year ago

Hello. I manage a porn star who posts videos daily to many websites. I was wondering if I would have any issues posting videos / pics to (twitter, pornhub, Instagram, ect.) All the videos would be pre recorded out of the country. Also I use a VPN to post. Thanks!

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1 Answer
Answered by Renford Sinangote · 1 year ago

Hi Gia,

Thank you for this interesting question. It's a bit difficult to answer, given it's nature. I hope this will help you: No relevant regulatory agency exists to regulate production companies and persons involved in the making of pornographic videos. Unlawful practices in the pornographic film industry often slip through the legal net. However, awareness is key to endeavors such as this. As such, I would advise you to take every and all precautionary steps to avert any trouble or eyes of the government.

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