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Asked by Danny Suleiman · 2 months ago

Hi Everyone!

Usually I can plan things fine but I am having a hard time figuring out a portion of my trip in the Fuji area in May 2020  

I’d really appreciate if anyone has any tips or info about the following:

We will do a two day trip to the Fuji area from Tokyo and return back. 

Day 1, 14th May. Fuji Q Highlands. 

Day 2, 15th May. Chureito Pagoda, Kawaguchiko Lake, Shibazakura festival, shiraito Falls. 

Getting to Fuji-Q seems clear enough that the train is the best, however past that I’ve been getting a huge mix of information. Do you think it’s possible to do everything listed on the second day all within that single day?

I am finding the bus lines that get you around also to be rather confusing, and what they do and don’t include. There is a bus that goes to the shibazakura festival, however it seems to return to Kawaguchiko station, and I would love to see the lake itself and then continue onto shiraito Falls after the festival. Do buses connect these places? If so, which ones?

Also, once I get around to Shiraito Falls - would it not be better to head back to Tokyo after the Falls via the Shinkansen from shin-Fuji station as opposed to heading back to Tokyo through Kawaguchi-ko station?

Any help is super appreciated! Thanks!!


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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 2 months ago

Hi. All of the places you mentioned for Day 2 can be done in one day. You just have to be very vigilant with time and train/bus departures for that day. Take the Fujikyu Railway from Kawaguchiko Station (approx. 40 mins.) to Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival then head back to Kawaguchiko Station. From the station, the Omni Bus Line provide tourists with local transportation around Lake Kawaguchiko. Upon arrival take a short cruise on Lake Kawaguchi. Head back again to Fujikawaguchiko Station, take the Fujikyu Railway to Shimo-Yoshida (25 mins.) then walk approx. 11 mins. to Chureito Pagoda. Unfortunately, the train does not run very frequently between Kawaguchiko and Shimo-Yoshida. There are no earlier trains to get Shimo-Yoshida so you have to be mindful of the time. Then head back again to Kawaguchiko Station, take the Fujikyuko Bus to Shiraito no Taki then walk approx. to Shiraito Falls. 

If you wish to save time, after Shiraito Falls take the Fujikyuko Bus to Shin-FUji Station then transfer to Shinkansen Komada to Tokyo. All these will take you around 2 hrs and 30 minutes including transfer. 

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