I'm under-aged (17) and will go to Japan soon. I need help with accommodation + phone line

Asked by Nareg B · 1 year ago


I'm completely aware that the legal age in Japan is 20 and that minors are not allowed to book hotels, get SIM cards (phone lines), etc.

I don't care about not drinking and all, but I think that it's important that I be able to book a hotel in advance, and have a phone line to call my family in Canada.

Is there any way I can book a hotel and get a phone line as a minor?`


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2 Answers
Answered by Caleb Cello · 1 year ago

Hi. Thank you for your interest in Japan. To answer your question, you may get access in terms of booking for a hotel even if you are a minor, however, there will be some hotels which cannot accommodate minors depending on their policy. Just be sure to have at least a document evidencing approval from your parents. As for phone lines,  you may use your roaming number to call them and inform the hotels as well as customs should you encounter any problem. 

Answered by winston davis · 1 year ago

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