Where is the cheapest hello kitty store that is licensed by Sanrio?

Asked by Peter Pham · 1 week ago

I have already been to Japan before once and I went to an expensive Hello Kitty store called Kiddyland. I was wondering if there is a Hello Kitty store that is cheap enough for me to bring home souvenirs for my friends and family because I have been doing research online and I cannot find any results of a cheap Hello Kitty store that is licensed by Sanrio.


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1 Answer
Answered by Caleb Cello · 1 week ago

Hi. There are really lots of Hello Kitty Stores all around Japan. Some might be hard to find though. You may also find JPY 100 Hello Kitty Merchandise at some stores in Tokyo. Nonetheless, you may try Hello Kitty Store at Tokyo Salamachi, or either go to Sanrio Puroland which houses a  number of shops including Festival Plaza, Kitty’s House Shop, Vivitix, Jewelland Gate and Entertainment Hall Shop to name a few! And their items range from small collectable items, rare souvenirs to amusing, character-shaped food!

Also check out Hello Kitty in Odaiba, or merchandises sold at Akihabara. 

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