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Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 6 months ago

Is it possible to buy JR Pass in Japan, for instance in the airport of arrival? Or JR Pass can be only excanged for a voucher purshased through some web sites? On the sites there is no any information about the cost of shipping. Thanks for the answer in advance! 


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Answered by Caleb Cello · 6 months ago


Hi Shiroi. You can purchase the Japan Rail Pass from certain train stations and airports in Japan. However, be aware it is more expensive to buy a JR Pass in Japan than to purchase the pass online. Aside from being cheaper, purchasing it online is much more convenient. You can have the JR Exchange Order delivered to your home address or at an address of your choosing in Japan. You can also avoid queuing to buy your pass and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your JR Pass has already been arranged. What is left then is for you to exchange your vouchers to the actual JR Pass upon your arrival at the airport or at major train stations. Should you be interested, feel free to purchase your JR Pass here: https://en.shop.japantravel.com/japan/tickets/transport/shinkansen/jr-pass-unlimited-rail-travel-japan

  • Shiroi Tenshi: Thank you very much for the answer! In the past I ordered JR Pass online and had to pay for shipping quite a lot, so the price was higher anyway. (Reply)
    • Caleb Cello: Hi Shiroi! I understand your concern. Note that we only add on an little extra service charge when delivered to a JALABC Counter (only if the customer arrives outside the opening hours). But technically, we deliver it free of charge to the airport, to your hotel of stay in Japan as well as international delivery.

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