Okumatsushima Jomon Village

Asked by Shiroi Tenshi · 4 months ago

I'd like to know if it's possible to walk to Okumatsushima Jomon Village from the JR Nobiru Station? How far it is? I like to walk if it's not too far away. Also, is there another way to get there besides taxi? Thanks for the answers in advance!


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1 Answer
Answered by Gary Bart Ecleo · 4 months ago

Hi, Apologies for the late response. In regard to your question, It is not recommended walking from JR Nobiru Station to Okumatsushima Jomon Village since that is 5.8km far and will take you 1 hr & 11 minutes walking. In addition to that, a taxi is the only way for you to get there smoothly since it will only take you 15 minutes ride from JR Nobiru Station.

  • Shiroi Tenshi: Thank you very much! Actually I like hiking and even climbed Fuji-san! Also I like to take photos on my way and Matsushima is a picturesque place! Thank you again for the information! (Reply)

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