How do single parents enjoy their stay and can children come with them to experience the bars and clubs?

Asked by Sally Davis · 4 months ago

How are single parents and their children or child accomodated by Japanese hospitality? Can single parets go to places freely with their children? What are the restrictions on bringing children along to sites and evening activities?


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1 Answer
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 4 months ago

I do not think that single parent are treated differently by Japanese hospitality. I am not really sure of how they would need to accomodate to a single parent compared to parents that are not traveling alone. Unless it is clearly not an appropriate place for children, it should be ok, to bring your children. It also depen what age are tour children. As for bringing them to bars and clubs, I do not want to be impolite, but you might want to reflect a bit on that, these are clearly not appropriate places to bring kids. Just think iy you would do it where you live. If not, then don't do it in Japan. I would seriously not bring kids into pachinko parlor (extremely noisy) or in 18+ rated area of some stores (like area where they sell sex goods, including manga, video and toys).
I guess the only thing you should know is that if you decide to go to a onsen, it is ok for parents to bring their child of any gender to bath with them. There is no strict age limit, but around 5 is probably the max that is generally ok. 

  • Sally Davis: Thank you for your thoughts. The person who wrote the review for Japan Travel has reneged on his responsibility for his child since before they were born. Interesting then he writes about night clubs and over 18 venues that exclude not only his child but the Mother of his child also. You can cntact him and tell him that it is his turn to be denied the social life enjoyed by him without a thought for his child. I wonder how many other abandoned children he has? (Reply)
    • Guillaume Dore: I am sorry, I do not understand what you try to say.

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