Recommended overnight accommodation between Tokyo and Nagoya?

Asked by Bonson Lam · 7 years ago

I am planning a train trip using local trains on Juhachi kippu. What is an interesting place for overnight accommodation between Tokyo and Nagoya?


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3 Answers
Answered by Toraneko · 7 years ago

The most interesting place is undoubtedly Kamakura. But you could also go to Odawara and do a day trip to visit Hakone. A Hakone Free Pass can save you a lot.

Answered by Peter Sidell · 7 years ago

I really like Mishima. There are some good restaurants, interesting sights and museums, and it has a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. I haven't stayed there, but there's a Dormy Inn near the station - I've stayed at Dormy Inn in other towns and it was good.

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 6 years ago

KOBE! It's a lively city. And it has some good nature and onsen village just 40 minutes by train outside the city. Plus... the beef is awesome.

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