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Asked by Novia Mardasari · 5 months ago

Hi, do you have recommendation flower store in Tokyo ?and they can speak in English (Iidabashi area if possible). Thanks.


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Answered by Gary Bart Ecleo · 5 months ago

Hi, I have seen a flower shop located in 4-4-8 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. 1st floor, Tokyo Central Building. The name of the shop is Fairy Flower Shop, It is a friendly flower shop in Iidabashi that makes you feel close to flowers at a reasonable price even though it has a sense of luxury. They accept reservations and also they have English-speaking staff there. They are open Mondays - Saturdays


You can contact them through

Tel & Fax : 03-3261-1048

or if you are planning on making a reservation just visit their official website link below

  • Novia Mardasari : Thank you so much!!!!! Let me check it!!! (Reply)

Answered by Kim B · 4 months ago

Aoyama Flower Market is nice! Details about store locations can be found here:

Answered by Pawel Borkowski · 1 month ago

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