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Asked by Morten Pehrsson · 4 months ago

Can you recommend a skilled tattoo artist in Japan that alow you to buy a tattoo design only (and not the tattoo itself)?

I would very much like to have a tattoo done during my 3 week trip to Japan, but since I can't bathe or sunbathe afterwards it does not make sence having it done in Japan (I'm visiting the Maldives straight after Japan)


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Answered by Gary Bart Ecleo · 4 months ago

Hi Morten,

You can try and contact Horizakura, he is a well-known tattoo artist in Japan for over 15 years already. You can book an appointment with him just visit this link below

The shop name is 

Rude Bwoy Tattoo Design

and is located in Parumeito Bld.3kaiBhigasi, Fuji shi, Shizuoka ken.

  • Morten Pehrsson: Thank you very much (Reply)

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