Shinkansen (Sanyo + Tohoku)

Asked by Morten Pehrsson · 10 months ago

I would like to travel fast with the Shinkansen and during my trip, I have two options:
- Sanyo: Osaka-Himeji, already planned trip
- Tokyo: Possible northbound day-trip
The rest of my trip is in the 'alps' via busses or local trains.

Is it possible to travel fast (300 km/h) on the Osaka-Himeji trip? As far as I can read, no express-trains stops at Himeji, so I guess we won't be able to travel really fast.
An alternativ is a daytrip from Tokyo northbound with the Hayabusa or Kumachi lines. As I can read the fastes leg is just before Sendai.
Does it maske sense to do this, knowing that we will definatly take the Osaka-Himeji trip alter on? We are traveling with kids (age 4 and 8) and I can see there is minimum 2 hour trip to Sendai or further north. Beside the train trip itself there should also be something to do or see at the destination. :-)

I hope you can help me.


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2 Answers
Answered by Guillaume Dore · 9 months ago

If the only goal is to reach high speed, then The part from Utsunomiya to Morioka on the Tohoku shinkansen have top speed of 320 km/h on the Hayabusa. The Nozomi and Mizuho on the Sanyo line between Shin-Osaka and Hakata can reach 300 km/h. However, I do not know if and where they do get close to their speed limit. But if you look at the timetable for Nozomi between Shin-Kobe and Himeji, it does 54.9km in 15 minutes (this mean an average of 219.2 km/h, so obviously, top speed is higher than that)

Note that if you happen to use a rail pass, some do not allow use of the Nozomi/Mizuho.

About the train going to Himeji, technically, all Shinkansen are categorized as "super-express", if you want to make a difference between the different shinkansen services that have different speed, you have to use the service name (they do not call faster shinkansen "express"). There is Kodama, Hikari, Sakura and Nozomi services stopping at Himeji (so basically only Mizuho does not stop). You can use the website to search for itinerary and if you see a route with a shinkansen, click on "interval table" under the shinkansen and it will show you the timetable of all the shinkansen between the two stations, searching for today, there is 18 Nozomi. Train timetable will show what time the specific train arrive and leave the station as well as distance from start.

If you ask me if it make sense to use the shinkansen to Himeji... if you absolutely want to ride a fast shinkansen... yes, would make more sense than do a day trip to Sendai if you are not that interested. Will aslo be cheaper at 4000yen one way instead of 11 400 yen one way. However, financially, I think it does not even make sense to use the shinkansen to go to Himeji from Osaka. The reason is that as you will likely not stay around Shin-Osaka station, and you can take the rapid train (that can take as long as the shinkansen and max 15 min longer) using the JR Kansai area pass at 2400 yen for one day, instead of 8000 yen if you do round trip on the shinkansen (or 5500 if you do one way shinkansen, one way rapid train). So the question is, how much extra are you ready to pay for this experience, for your parter, two kids and you, it's a minimum of 9000 yen extra that it will cost.

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Answered by Haven Haven · 5 months ago

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