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Asked by Stanford Pines · 3 months ago

I'm having a debate with my roommate and the following questions will let us know who is right. (Two of them are out of pure curiosity.) 1. How long does it take for someone until she or he decides to travel by bus or train. 2. What's the most amount of time that a club can stay open after school? 3. Do students meet on Saturday and Sundays for their clubs at school? If so, for how long? 4. Do highschool students have school on Saturdays and Sundays? 5. What's a delicious japanese dish to eat? 6. What's Japan's opinion on western breakfast, like waffles or eggs and sausage? Is it uncommon to see a Japanese person eating western breakfast?


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Answered by Henry Mosley · 1 month ago

Public schools usually have no classes on Saturdays. It used to be that the Monday after Saturday was a day off. There are a certain number of school hours/days per year. Sports clubs hold training and games at the weekend. Sometimes students also stay to write my custom paper for me, usually not very often, only special works that require guidance from an editor. I don't think it counts as 'going to school'. Public schools may have regular classes (half day) on Saturdays, depending on the school. 

Answered by Guillaume Dore · 3 months ago

1. Do you mean how long does the ride need to be to consider taking the bus/train ? I think it depend from person to person, if you do not want to walk too much, then you can take is if just for a few stops of even just one station. Especially if you have a commuter pass and it does not cost more, it's easy to get in the train just for a station.

5. There is too much things to list, Japanese cuisine is big and there is ton of dish that are good, just google "list of Japanes dish" and it will give you a small idea of the options.

6. As there is Japanese version of western breakfast, they would likely be a bit surprised of the way it is done in other country, at least the stereotypical big breakfast that most people do not eat daily anyway. But it is not uncommon for Japanese people to eat what they would consider western breakfast, like eating bread egg. Other things might be considered a bit more as a desert, like sweet crepe, waffles, pancake, that you can for sure find in some restaurants in Japan.

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Answered by Callum Bryne · 1 month ago

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Answered by Neha Mane · 1 month ago

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