Is Sado Island worth a visit?

Asked by Justin Velgus · 4 years ago

Sado Island is off the coast of Niigata and I heard it has some interesting history and a few attractions. Is is worth visiting? Is there enough things to do to justify the cost?How much money is lodging/transportation? 

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9 Answers
Answered by Carol Akiyama · 3 years ago

The taiko group Kodo's Earth Festival is definitely worth a trip to the island for. Very eclectic cultural events. We booked spots for the campsite but the tent they offered was grungy. Instead, we slept on the beach and bathe at the public bath. Most beautiful beach in Japan outside of Okinawa!

Answered by Isabelle Despert Okumura · 2 years ago

Yes ! It's a very beautiful place with great beaches, beautiful and old temples and shrines and No theater scene, beautiful landscapes and quiet and authentic. I loved it!

Answered by Alexis Guiral · 2 years ago

Sado Island is currently competing for the title of World UNESCO Heritage. It is a wonderful island, where you can see the last Toki Ibis that do not live in captivity. There is also a lot of things to do and discover, such as the visit of the former gold mines, where you can experiment the gold digging activity and explore the perfectly maintained structures. The landscape is amazing, with beautiful see and mountain scenery, the best for hiking! 

Answered by belita kin · 1 year ago

I spent most of 4 days on Sado last summer. Loved it. The best time to go would be late August during the Earth Celebration but there is lots to do anytime. I rode my bike which is a great way to get around cheaply and see lots.
If you take the ferry from Naoetsu (in Jouetsu, Niigata) to Ogi then a cheap option is the youth hostel. Very cheap but a bit of a walk up from the town center. There are electric assist bike rentals in town which are great for touring the Ogi Peninsula.
The Bel Mer YH on the north west coast is relatively close to lots of great coastal scenery. Quite bikeable but I don't know if there are rentals nearby. The gold mine museum in the mountains is worth a visit. Don't know if there is a bus up there but maybe you can hitch a ride.

Answered by Avada Kedavra · 3 months ago

I think it is beautifull place and definitely worth to visit. As a paper writer i was there and wrote a brochoure about this beautiful place.


Answered by James Brown · 2 months ago

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Answered by Alexander Porkhun · 1 month ago

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