What are some ways to cool down during the summer while traveling?

Asked by Justin Velgus · 4 years ago

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7 Answers
Answered by Jessica A Paje · 4 years ago

Ice cream! Haagen-Dazs usually releases unique flavors like Ginger-Lemon or Sakura. Or, try a refreshing watermelon popsicle. Just walk into a convenience store and there is such a variety of ice cream to choose from!

Also, relax and dip your fit into a foot onsen! I know of nice and cozy ones in Tokyo Midtown and Hakone. There are quite a few large ones at Le Soleil Park in Yokosuka. Just keep you eyes open, I'm sure they're everywhere. :-) 

Answered by Olga Kaneda · 4 years ago

Frappuchino can cool you down for sure! But not for a substantial period of time :)

Answered by Izumi Kershaw · 4 years ago

Don't know if this is the answer you are looking for but the gatsby or biore body wipes really do help you cool down. I usually use them after sports. Would come in handy for the summer too.

Answered by Laura Welch · 4 years ago

Cooling body wipes are good; you can also buy cool spray (some are scented) and cooling strips, which stick directly onto skin and can last for several hours. You could buy a cooling "neck scarf", or for a low-tech alternative, keep a wet towel around your neck. If you can, it's worth going to a drugstore and asking about products to combat heatstroke (necchuutaisaku). Another trick is to stick to places with air conditioning, but that might be hard if you're going around temples all day! At the very least, try to keep to the shade, rest when needed and drink plenty of liquid. Also, having a dry towel to wipe sweat won't keep you cool, but it will make you feel more comfortable!

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 4 years ago

Fan. Carry a fan around. Break protocol with clothes. Tyipcally women don't show their shoulders in public, at least in the more traditional parts of Japan. Whlie this is becoming more and more old-hat, as it gets ridiculously hot in the summer... some people will still look at you if you wear a tank top. Ignore them. At least you'll be cool. Same goes for men. I've notice a lot less men wear sleeveless shirts. Go for it. It's just too hot. 

Answered by Terrie Lloyd · 4 years ago

Surprised no one has said shopping malls. When it's a hot, sweaty August day, the population in the weekend heads either for the beach or the local shopping mall. Shopping is a national pasttime anyway, so you may as well do it when you need to beat the heat. Most malls are open from 10:00am to 20:00 (8pm).


Answered by Isabelle Despert Okumura · 3 years ago

Usually, the primary schools swimming-pools are open for free for everybody. Check if there is one near your place! 

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