Which are the best theme parks?

Asked by Tom Roseveare · 5 years ago

I'm sure everyone will think of Osaka's USJ or Disneyland/Sea just outside Tokyo, but I was wondering what else the country has to offer.


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5 Answers
Answered by Geoff Day · 5 years ago

For thrill seekers, I would have to recommend Fuji-Q Highland (article). Many of the attractions here are ranked in the top ten globally in various categories (speed, spins, height, etc.). 

It is a bit outside Tokyo, but can be reached within two hours by bus, train, or rental car fairly cheaply. Being at the base of Mount Fuji and the five lakes also gives you a chance to explore the most recognized area of Japan from up close. 

Answered by Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu · 5 years ago

I have been to several theme parks here in Japan and I have ranked them according to how I love them: (number 1, being the best)

1. Universal Studio Japan

2. Fuji- Q Highland

3. Disneyland

4. Disney Sea

5. Yokohama Cosmo World Amusement Park

6. Fuji Safari Park (If you will include this safari ride inside a grilled bus)

7. Niji no Sato (This are very few rides in here but I love the place)

8. Theme Park in Mie-ken (I forgot the name, though)

Other theme parks I heard that are good, but haven't been to:

- Nagashima Amusement Park in Mie Ken

- S-Pulse Plaza in Shizuoka City

- Grinpa in Shizuoka City

Answered by Relinda Puspita · 5 years ago

The oldest amusement park in Japan,Hirakata Park in Osaka. There is wooden roller coaster, not really extreme though.

Answered by Jeffrey Haaga · 5 years ago

I would have to agree that besides USJ or Disneyland that Fuji-Q land is a good one to go to. They also have smaller (as in maybe 10-20ish rides) in Hitachi Seaside Park and Yokohama. They are more pay per ride though. 

Answered by Carol Akiyama · 5 years ago

We go to Korakuen just because there is no admission charge and it's in the middle of the city. The LaQua roller coaster is quite a thrill and the flume ride is fine. The Power Ranger show is great for kids and fanatics. There's bowling, etc. Plenty of amusement park activities without the big committment up front.

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