Comprehensive info on hiking/mountain trails?

Asked by Tom Roseveare · 5 years ago

What are the best English resources for researching Japan's numerous mountains/trails and planning your hike?


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4 Answers
Answered by Nicole Bauer · 5 years ago

I like this blog:


Answered by Mandy Bartok · 5 years ago

The directions in the Lonely Planet Hiking in Japan guide can be very good, though I always check publication dates on books like that and I don't think that one has been updated in awhile. Still, we used that book to help us hike from the Silver Pavilion to Nanzen-ji in Kyoto a few years ago and it helped with all of the numerous intersections in the woods. It's at least a good starting point for ideas on trails in certain regions. 

Answered by Tristan Scholze · 5 years ago

I've been hiking here for 15 years and haven't really found a comprehensive guide I like yet.  There's a lot of info on individual hikes on the internet, but it's mostly in Japanese. So I'm putting together individual English articles of my own. Hiking Mt. Kaya and Mt. in Fukuoka here.

Answered by Victoria Vlisides · 5 years ago

I would suggest using a variety of sources to get the best inforamation. The blog listed ( is good, but often there will be hiking information listed by a Japan-run site. 

For example, do a google search of the specific place (once you decide on it) and you can find sites such as this: That one is specific for hiking in Oze National Park in the Kanto area. 

I just hiked Mt. Shibutsu a few weeks ago in Oze, and I highly recommend it!

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